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Cold chain management tutor

Peter Van den Broeck is a senior logistic expert, specialized in cold chain management and logistics.

Cold Chain Logistics ensures product integrity and new services are continuously being announced. This sector will likely grow with more than 65% by 2020. This makes Cold Chain the fastest evolving logistic process of the moment! Technology became very important in cold chain logistics. And not only for tracking & GPS or sensors & alarms but even more for completely integrated systems with customers, logistic partners, insurrance, customs and port authorities. These systems are providing analytics and end2end EDI integration resulting in cost reduction and reduced time to market.

Unfortunatly there is still a lack of skills, training and standards throughout cold chain logistics. Start developing the right strategies and prepare your organisation for growth. Translate this strategy into reality and dare to address your organizational weaknesses. This growth spurt creates new interactions and processes. To manage this, the employees who face the greatest complexity must have ambidextrous capabilities.

Give yourselves an advantage and contact us, so we can start the analysis. Preferably we work on-site.

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